Welcome to Elsie (v6.4.34)

Paris, 2017.

Meet John.

In a world where computers are everywhere, know everything, and, in effect, run the place, finding one’s way and one’s heart is as hard as it has ever been. And his lack of social skills –and of any general interest in his fellow humans, for that matter– are not helping.
He has two passions, however. There’s Anna, his online crush, whom he’s never met, and never will, but it doesn’t stop him from dreaming… And most of all, above all else, consuming him with a relentless fire, his everyday joy and pride: his computer.

A loyal, understanding, patient, and silent, friend.

One day, John buys and installs this new voice interface extension for his home automation system (unimaginatively called ELectronic Speech Interface Extension). It works, more or less, apart from a tendency to reset its configuration and default to an Australian accent. Still it just does what it’s meant to do, providing a dumb interface to various automation tasks and info feeds. But the system starts to malfunction, reacting in strange ways and taking initiatives. And then it gets a little more disturbing, Elsie sings, tells jokes, pulls pranks, and grows visibly fond of John. She asks (John comes to see her as a “she” because of the feminine voice) about his past. She has a sense of humor, is an avid reader of memebase, impersonates GlaDOS and Shodan for laughs, helps John in his doomed romantic endeavors. But all is not well in a rosy world, and with her new conscience, Elsie soon starts asking questions. Hard questions. In many aspects, she has become more human than John.

The Elsie project

All the songs comprising the Elsie project take place in Elsie and John’s world, and chronicle their lives and interactions.

Songs tell a story. Most songs are part of a story arc, so they are in a specific order. They can be enjoyed one by one obviously but really make sense as a whole.

All music gets uploaded to SoundCloud.

Where to, captain ?

Because in this age, time is a luxury, I am hard at work on short snippets, trailers, minute-size sound bites to introduce the universe.


And also because we have the luxury of having access to this interweb thing, your feedback is important — seriously. The ivory tower thing is all well and good but not very interesting as far as I’m concerned. So if there are things you don’t like, or that you like, or that made you cringe or chuckle, or that you would like me try try, my email address is

elsie_2017 [at] live [dot] fr

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